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 Art Works

1. Traditional

  For any purchase of one of my physical works or for sponsorship, please contact the curator of one of my current exhibitions or send me an email.


2. Digital

  As always, you can understand all or part of my art production, in my studio, in galleries, museums even, on the Internet & social networks. For those who wish to acquire a art work whose scope would have affected them, know that a portion of my digital works is available in the form of signed, numbered and drawn 13 copies, another in HD download {PNG 300dpi, limited to 69 download} & fullness of original files, in PSD formats, encrypted are for sale on Rari & Nifty. These are my painted works, in their initial documents published only once, with layers & stages of realization.

  In fact, I guess that in order to avoid any negative impact that NFTs could have on the long term, because the issue seems to me preoccupying, it's the ethical intelligence of any artist who wishes to perpetuate a quality market by ceasing to sell untimely various jpegs & other documents whose preciousness could not exist without this digital certificate. An original file, attesting to a demiurgical approach and distributed in a very limited way, would relegate the non fugible tokens to a simple innovation that would quickly be embellished. It would remain the essential, this raw light finally projected on what is a solid avant-garde in current artistic production.

Prints & Download


Fine art Prints & certificate × Limited editions. 

  Impression originale sur papier Fine Art.  Print on Fine Art paper.
330 gr.
  Exemplaire signé et numéroté. Signed and numbered copy.

. 29,7cm x 21cm.
. 11,7 " x 8,3 ".


.............. 45 € ..............21copies/painting
. 59,4cm x 42cm.
. 23,4 “ x 16,5 ”.
.............. 80 € ..............13copies/painting

  Papier || Paper: PH neutre || Neutral PH.